Proudly owned, run & led by women, Mura is more than a fashion brand, it is a lifestyle - it is our way of living.


Mura is a coastal brand, inspired by the stunning and relaxed lifestyle of Noosa where Owner & Director, Asako, grew up. Wearing Mura is to demonstrate your sense of pride in who you are and your unique sense of fashion. We dress beautifully because we are proud to; it demonstrates the care and confidence we have for ourselves. We believe that fashion should be fun, and something to be celebrated; embracing individuality and empowering yourself through fashion should be something that is accessible for everyone.


Being a part of the Mura Community - whether that be as a customer or employee - we strive to lead a certain kind of lifestyle that inspires one another & motivates those around us.



Mura was born on the 25th October 2011 - founded by Asako Nakamura at the age of 22 in Noosa, Queensland.


"Before I started Mura, I always struggled to shop. I loved the look, the feel, the service and the beautiful clothing at all the high end stores, but when I saw how much the dresses cost, I always left feeling disappointed. I would then visit the stores that were much more affordable; but the store was loud, tacky and had terrible service. That was where Mura was born. I wanted to be a combination of a beautiful fresh store, exceptional customer service and a variety of beautiful clothing from neutrals and soft tones to bright summery colours and prints. I was terrified of how it would turn out on our first opening day, but as I walked to the store to open, there was a queue of girls waiting to enter, and it was an instant success!


As time went on, I often noticed how customers who came into Mura would come out of the changing room completely transformed. They would look at themselves in the mirror in their new Mura outfit and would have the biggest smile on their face, thanking me saying "I feel absolutely beautiful!" - that was when I realised the purpose of Mura was not just a beautiful store with great service and an affordable price point, the purpose of Mura is to make girls feel beautiful and empowered.


Now, we have grown our community to almost 1 million Mura followers and have become a global brand with regular customers from United States, France, Singapore and all around the globe through our e-commerce platform. This Community encompasses empowered women from all over the globe who want to look and feel beautiful, and lead a more enriched life. The Mura way of living is inspiring people all around the world and we hope to continue to share this message, help everyone feel beautiful, and make that feeling absolutely affordable and accessible to everybody."



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