At Mura, we believe that we are more than just a fast fashion brand. We are creating a movement to empower and inspire people to lead their best life. We believe in not only inspiring and empowering our customers but our team too. We actively try to create an amazing workplace and culture where people love coming to work and feel confident within themselves; a place where team members have the opportunity to have an exciting opportunity to grow their career. We believe that life is too short to not love what you do.

Behind Mura is our incredible team, made up of many different departments, each team member having different strengths and responsibilities. What makes us so successful is that we all come together to work towards one goal, one dream. We have a community that encourages a culture of leadership, goal setting and personal growth where each individual's strengths are cherished, nurtured and enriched. Our core values of passion, motivation, professionalism, integrity, hard-work, creativity, compassion, positivity, dynamism and very is what makes up our unique company culture! We want you to love what you do! Most importantly we can’t make our dream a reality without our team! 

Photographer Wanted - 2 days/week

We place high importance on the creative content of our brand and inspiring our customers through beautiful imagery. The images are the forefront of our brand and showcasing the Mura Lifestyle. You will be working alongside our experienced and beautiful models in a fast paced environment full of creativity. So if you love our coastal luxe branding and are passionate about photography, we want YOU.


  • Weekly photoshoot in Brisbane working with experienced models 
  • Photo editing
  • Location scouting
  • Providing ideas with relevant fashion trends in photography and photoshoots 

Experience & Skills

  • Previous experience in shooting E-Commerce is definitely preferred, but not essential
  • Post production skills in Photoshop Softwares
  • Own equipment required
  • Ability to shoot in natural light with no lighting equipment for all weather conditions
  • Ability to shoot direct sun images

Competencies Valued

  • Passion for photography and the fashion industry
  • Manage a fast paced environment with quick turnaround time
  • Ability to direct experienced models and ensure the images remain on brand
  • Creativity and inspiring ideas for the shoot

If you meet the above criteria, we would love to hear from you. Please attach your portfolio to Asako at